Welcome to my site.   I have learned that I just have 8 seconds to capture your attention, so here goes.

I have been a psychotherapist for  30 years….. yup, that old!

I bet I have seen just about every problem that couples, individuals and families can get themselves into.

I believe that the POWER to CHANGE is in the person and the person always has POWER. That means that I am only the facilitator and it is up to you chose a change you want to make for yourself so I can help you channel that power to help make your life WORK and you feel better.

I find that the challenges we have to overcome in childhood in order to survive can make it hard or impossible for us to solve a problem that really seems like we have the ability and intelligence to solve.  That is where a therapist comes in.  Check my contact page for how to find me.

Sue 3